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Letown Builder

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Letownbuilder is a randomized sandbox town building game. Start with 5 random but happy people in the middle of nowhere and build a great thriving town. The setting is a light high fantasy environment. Cut wood, and dig for stone, fish and forage for food to keep your villagers from going hungry. Plant gardens and build mines for long term production of resources. More villagers will come! Build houses, to keep them from the cold! Beware of riots, out of control fires, werewolves who are villagers by day, bandits who steal your food, and a number of other soon to be planned catastrophes...... This is a short simple 2D town building sim that requires no fancy hardware, and can play on netbooks, and even androids! (note: Love is required to play on the android)

The idea of letownbuilder was to create a fun, addictive, game that does not require microtransations to have good time.  It can be played offline, and does not feed you adds.  Also we wanted to make sure that you could jump into the game and enjoy it right from the start.  We have minized the time required for loading, saving, and exiting the game.  You can play it on your coffee break or for a long sitting.

Currently Letownbuilder is in early alpha stage, but is very playable.


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