LeTown Builder, a pixel town building Game.


LeTown Builder is a pixel town building game. Start with 5 people in the middle of nowhere and build a thriving town.  But first, you must survive.  Gather food and supplies.  Build shelters.  Build a school and research technologies that can help make your town better.  Your budding town will face a myriad of dangers.  As if wildfires, werewolves and zombie outbreaks, are not enough, you may face dangerous animals, riots, bandits, and a host of natural disasters.  

In LeTown Builder, you can choose from 3 different environments. 

  • The terrain is randomly generated.
  • Each environment has different resources.
  • Build a trade post to trade for rare resources.
  • Save any time, and pick up later.
  • No microtransactions!
  • Created using the Love2D engine.
  • Now with more Andriod support, including a controller in the corner.

As Day turn into night, the gentle untamed forrest becomes cold and dark.


  • Build a fire to keep your villagers warm
  • Make sure every family has a home to go to!
  • Beware of night wolves!
  • Night is not a time to go off wandering.



The title screen is now updated

There are more easy access buttons on the top.

You can now build churches and temples.

There should now be less troublemakers.

The desert has its own weather.

fixing more "sprite" crashes, probably in merchants code.


Letown Builder is meant to be a fun easy to play game that you can play for hours or only a few minutes.  It started out of frustration at free to play games with in app purchasing and long build times that encourage paying for your time with real money. Its also built with the mindset of dive right in, and back right out  It has easy, save and exit options, and short load times to cater to those of us who do not have a lot of time to get into a game.